The general objective of the Graduate Program in Dentistry and Health is to train and train professors and researchers through intense and integral experience in teaching and research in dentistry, mainly focused on the areas thatpermeate the oral diagnosis, more specifically the oral pathology, stomatology and odontological Radiology. The program is aimed at dentists Who should learn to combine the good use of already consolidated knowledge, to a judicious choice of new procedures that will always emerge, resulting from research in development in the centers ofexcellence around the world.

To achieve its objectives, students receive intensive didactic training, participate directly in the regular activities of the under graduate program, either through the assistance to the permanent professors of the programme in their theoretical classes, or in the activities Out patient clinics, or in the courses of completion of course work offered at undergraduation. It is note worthy that the activities performed by the graduate students are all supervised by the permanent professors. The students elaborate didactic material, clinical cases, panels, teach classes at graduation, prepare questions regarding their classes in the assessments and correct them.

In addition to these activities, all masters and doctoral students receive training to perform procedures in the area of stoma, such as incisional and excisional biopsies, in the área of radiology by thetechnical management of new examsand studyof file cases obtained by digital cone be amtomography of the faculty and participate in the routine of the laboratories of pathological anatomy and immuno histochemistry, receiving training to perform histomorphometry and statistical treatment of scientific data. We consider this technical-scientific training very important, but it occurs in the rotation system of the students by the clinics and laboratories, (foreseen in the mandatory activities of the program) to not divert them from activities directly linked to Scientific production. On the other hand, it is note worthy that most PG disciplines are taught in the form of theoretical lectures, seminars and critical presentations of scientific articles, which prepares students not only for presentation satscientific congresses, Required by the program, but mainly for its future academic life.