Selection Process

They mayen roll in the selective process for Doctorate and Master's degree in Dentistry and Health with a higher level diploma in dentistry or candidates undergoing graduation course in the dentistry area (proven with a document of Probable conclusion issued by the collegiate of the course), provided that they can conclude the graduation until the enrollment period in the doctorate or master, according to the academic calendar of the UFBA.

Documents Required for Registration:

  • Registration form completed and signed.
  • Certified copy of the undergraduate degree in dentistry or statement of probable conclusion issued by the collegiate of the course (getting the registration conditional on proof of completion of the undergraduate course).
  • Copy of the school history of the undergraduate course in dentistry
  • Proof of Payment (original) of the registration fee. Available on the SUPAC website
  • Copy of the official document of identity and NIN (National Insurance Number)
  • Proof of discharge with the services: military, electoral and CRO or equivalent organ,
  • Copy of the official document of identity and NIN
  • Two recent 3 x 4 photographs
  • Curriculum Vitae Complete and updated (documented), the curriculum (in one way) must be bound together with the vouchers organized in sequence, following the order of Barema;
  • Declaration by the Employment Agency, containing the effective time of service to be fulfilled in the afore mentioned organ or institution
  • Research project (for candidates to select a doctorate) – three printed copies of the research project to be developed, signed on the cover by the applicant and indicating one of the program's research lines, should be delivered. The project should be prepared according to the following structure: Cover, face page, summary, Long introduction (up to a maximum of five pages), Proposition Material and methods, bibliographical references (accordingto ABNT norms).
  • Certified declaration of the candidate for doctorate in dentistry and health of availability of full and exclusive dedication to the course, as well as that can only defend his thesis with atleast 02 (two) articles accepted/published in periodical B1 or higher or with Equivalent impact factor (QUALIS CAPES), being one of these as the first author, more participation (presentation of work) in an international event;
  • Certified statement of the candidate for the master in Dentistry and Health of availability of full and exclusive dedication to the course, as well as that can only defend the dissertation with a work submitted.

Under no circumstances will there be a refund of the feespaid. The applicant, when registering and submitting the required documentation, is responsible for the truth fulness of all the information provided. Under no circumstances will we accept registration with pending documentation or the exchange of the registration documentational ready forwarded. To perform the selection steps, candidates with special needs who need differentiated conditions that fulfill an application with the description of their needs are requested, specifying the appropriate differentiated treatment.